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BOOTH Festival
BOOTH Festival - APOLLO 10




Welcome to 'BOOTH Festival APOLL0 10', an online comic-con for music.

Background artwork: Vinne

Mission Statement

APOLLO was originally started to be the whole catalog of the doujin music scene, to make listeners easier to dig unseen albums and artists, for sustaining the doujin music scene.

To achieve the mission above, we developed the features which shows plenty of albums at a glance and can listen to 100 sound previews in 30 minutes.
We have also tuned up recommendation systems consequently.

Originally, the event is for the doujin music scene because these indie albums are related to anime/game arts.
But nowadays, plenty of anime/game art related albums are released from out of doujin music scene.
So we are welcome to apply from all indie artists who make anime/game art related compositions.

We await your application!


APOLLO is the event for music and musical merches.

Each applicant can sell up to 3 items.

Any artists/labels can participate in the event.

This event was closed