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There are [rêve parfait]、King、月野原久遠、arithmetic product tags about Knight.【PC & Quest】「竜装の姫騎士メギドナ」VRChatアバター3.0用3Dモデル - Dragon-Armed Knightess Megidna 3Dmodel for VRChat Avatar3.0、[ 桔梗 ]専用, ライラ アセロ - 鋼の花(Lila Acero - Flower of Steel for Kikyo)などの人気商品をご用意しています。Items sold by the Scramble Woods Booth店、Zorra Arce [ソラ-アルセ, 狐紅葉] shop.If you want to get your hands on Knight goods or doujinshi, please leave it to us!