BEATECH Original Soundtrack

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BEATECH Original Soundtrack
BEATECH Original Soundtrack
BEATECH Original Soundtrack

BEATECH Original Soundtrack Description

2remfelys - dusKape vs R*uLuru
3Cocoon - BJ.ruruKape
4Majoring In Witchcraft - dusKape
5終天の灯 - Ka_getsu vs BJ.chika
6Modern Times Paradox - BJ.chika
7Lila Ungetüm - R*uLuru
8皆伝どら焼き revolution - BJ.chika
9Stoichiometric Time - BJ.chika
10Assasin - dusKape
11indulge - R*uLuru
12indulge(Star Night Remix) - BJ.chika
13Tears of Valkyria (Degistalgia mix) - LiPiNS vs BJ.chika
14Planishpere - Yu^ta
15Move on(2017 Extended ver.) - 影虎。
16ネイキッド・ゲーム(Degistalgia Remix) - BJ.chika
17ネイキッド・ゲーム(Original Mix) - しょうり vs BJ.chika
18Midnight Skywalker - dusKape vs BJ.chika
19winter werewolf - dusKape
20Nostalgiaが止まらない - dusKape vs BJ.chika