NBCD-022_10 Years of RoughSketch ~ RoughSketch Best Album 2006 - 2016 ~

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NBCD-022_10 Years of RoughSketch ~ RoughSketch Best Album 2006 - 2016 ~
NBCD-022_10 Years of RoughSketch ~ RoughSketch Best Album 2006 - 2016 ~
10 Years of RoughSketch ~ RoughSketch Best Album 2006 - 2016 ~
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Disc 1
1Killer Pill 2016 UPDATE
2Puppet Nightmare - RoughSketch feat. Aikapin
3Distorted Children - RoughSketch feat.minami(Gt) & DD”ナカタ”Metal
4Samurai Terrorist
5Face - RoughSketch feat. Aikapin
6Time is Now
7Tokyo - RoughSketch vs XIO
8Breaking the Rules - RoughSketch feat.楽天斎
9No Eyes
10Dollz - RoughSketch feat. Aikapin
11We Still Love Hardcore
13Olivia - M-Project & RoughSketch
Disc 2
1Asphalt & flower (Hellsystem Remix)
2Skull Dominion (Roughsketch Remix) - Rotterdam Terror Corps & Paul Elstak
3No More Loop (Endymion Remix)
4Pride or Money (Nitrogenetics rmx)
5Instead Of The Pills (RoughSketch Remix) - kors k
6Gothic System (RoughSketch Remix) - DJ TECHNORCH
7Grimm (USAO’s Dubstep Remix) - RoughSketch feat.Aikapin
8TANO*C TOUR 2012 the Anthem (RoughSketch's DARK SIDE REMIX) - HARDCORE TANO*C
9Neo Criminals (Rayden Remix)
10The Super Coke (The Speed Freak Discoshit-Remix)
11Ganjapanic (DJ Plague Remix featuring HG)
12Susukino Fuck Face(from tokyo mix)Remixed by OZIGIRI
Disc 3
1Grimm feat. Aikapin
2My Hardcore feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal
3Maddest Circus Show feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal
4Su5ukino Wa1ker feat. 楽天斎
5This is True
6The Joker
7Kiss The Corpse
9No Hands
10No Force
11No Colors
12VOICE OF TRUTH feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal & Aikapin
13Neodelic with. teranoid
14ANUBIS with. Hommarju
15Zipangu with. Hellsystem & DD"ナカタ"Metal
16Light Years Ahead feat.DD”ナカタ”Metal
18Distorted Media with. Noizenecio
19Dead Clowns
20Neo Criminals
21Don’t Pray, Just Scream with. NiActivity & DD”ナカタ”Metal
22B-Raver is Back
23The Far East Hardcore feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal
24This is Parapara
25Dicks Monster
26Nights for Devils and Men feat. DD”ナカタ”Metal
27System Doctor
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