lol project 050 : REVEL -lol project remix trax 2017-2021-

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lol project 050 : REVEL -lol project remix trax 2017-2021-
Disc 1
1still blaze [lol project remix trax] - Tosh
2M.A.S.S. [lol project remix trax] - RUON
3enigmatic force [lol project remix trax] - ばらっげ
4HADES [lol project remix trax] - Alpaca
5utter dark [lol project remix trax] - satella
6indication [lol project remix trax] - Keisuke Kimura
739tuary [lol project remix trax] - Noshi
8intrigue [lol project remix trax] - Transient Energy
9Transfixx [lol project remix trax] - 福神DéLi
10wa√es [lol project remix trax] - Radianth
Disc 2
1diaphanous [lol project remix trax] - Clean Tears
2spring thaw [lol project remix trax] - たかな
3glacier [lol project remix trax] - D-Fener
4彗星 [lol project remix trax] - Transient Energy
5霧雨 [lol project remix trax] - DEKU
6remaining tears [lol project remix trax] - KaNa
7sa√or [lol project remix trax] - Transient Energy
8huge urge [lol project remix trax] - Shion Hinano
9crosssection [lol project remix trax] - Bernis
10crossnotes [lol project remix trax] - Bernis
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