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empathetic melody #01[DLアルバム]

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empathetic melody #01[DLアルバム]
empathetic melody #01
Cannot play
1glad to spend with you - ameiro feat.京町セイカ
2timeless love -colorata:elegantia- (version 2023) - ameiro feat.小春六花
3brand new timeline - ameiro feat.夏色花梨
4just in love - ameiro feat.花隈千冬
5shining spectrum - ameiro feat.小春六花
6青い風と赤い糸 - ameiro feat.夏色花梨
7into the transient dream - ameiro feat.小春六花
8if my wish coming... - ameiro feat.Mai
9prelude of revolution - ameiro feat.京町セイカ
10ユキアイ - ameiro feat.花隈千冬