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BOOTH Festival
BOOTH Festival ドールズフロントライン



Welcome to 'BOOTH Festival ドールズフロントライン', an online comic & art convention.

Illustrator: MIYA*KI

Mission Statement

We are happy to announce that we will be holding a third online fan art convention, 'BOOTH Festival ドールズフロントライン' (The Japanese game title of `Girls’ Frontline`).
This follows on from previous events for 'Touhou Project' and 'Azur Lane'.

You can distribute any artworks which adhere to the ‘コンテンツ利用に関するガイドライン (content usage guidelines)' as outlined by SUNBORN Japan Co., Ltd.

In recent years an increasingly global audience has come to enjoy illustrations, and in particular the environment surrounding fanarts has been changing rapidly.
We hope to create an environment where creators worldwide can share and exchange their creations, and believe that an online convention can serve a role in realising this.
For this event we’re also making a number of system improvements to make the participation of and distribution to those residing overseas easier.

As a feature of this being an online convention, you can choose to participate just before or even during the convention period, and without any application fee.
In addition to this, apart from handling charges, the complete amount of the earnings will be returned to the artists.

Every artist that participates and fan that gathers together bring the event closer to success.
We look forward to your participation!

We await both your past and future works!

Regulations for Applications and Distribution

Individuals or groups that don't have legal personality can participate in this convention.

Each applicant can register up to 3 items.

Works submitted should adhere to the ‘コンテンツ利用に関するガイドライン (content usage guidelines)' as outlined by SUNBORN Japan Co., Ltd.

Please note that adult works and digital works cannot be registered in this event.
(In the case of adult works, this is a measure taken to avoid customs clearance problems amongst an ever increasing number of international transactions on BOOTH. In the case of digital works, this measure is taken as it is deemed easy to surpass what constitutes non-profit activity. We apologize and ask for your understanding on this matter.)

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