One Synth Compilation -Remixes-

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One Synth Compilation -Remixes-
One Synth Compilation -Remixes-
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One Synth Compilation -Remixes- Description

1Silence Snowfield(K's-traX Remix) - K's-traX
2royalblue -distant sea mix- - DJ HERMIT
3isn't it? (Remixed by 1F3rd) - 1F3rd
4完全蹴音圧倒的凡雑式電子音楽(SGPMRMX) - sugipamo
5isn't it? (YORFY Remix) - YORFY
6How To Clap(K.S.T. Acid Groove Remix) - K's-traX
7Eraser(One Synth 1 mix) - かーばんくる
8Twenty Force (SGPMHC mix) - sukipamo
9Ιερή Κάστρο (Step IV mix) - 1F3rd
10Imaginary (tomyk Remix) - tomyk
11Return From Old World(流転世界Remix) - Gowrock adding 豪狼
12Planet Connection (Smile storm Remix) - Smile storm
13Ιερή Κάστρο(HAMMER dark ambient Remix) - HAMMER
14Cyber Labyrinth (SGPMRMX) - supagimo
15Fantasy Maker(other synth mix) - かずち
17electro6 (parallel Remix) - hakain