Unsung Hero 12vs13

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Unsung Hero 12vs13
Unsung Hero 12vs.13
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Unsung Hero 12vs13 Description

1Seashore Reflection - tokiwa vs. Re:gats&
2damedame_infinity_love - のい + Keisuke Hara + REVLIS
3M.I.S - 海老名菜々しゅきしゅきボーイズ(inusack と NA7)
4156F ~ Dimension Cursed Angel - 5argon & REVLIS
5多元結合世界 - おみー vs. すぎぱも
6My Hope Star - kohaxy vs Sakamiya feat.Hanon
7Uma Cerveja, Por Favor!(Electoronic Dance Remix) - すとろ~
8Citrus Sunset (Trinity Clean House Remix) - Trinity
9Aquaflowers (Alf zero Remix) - Alf zero
10雪月風花 -Crescent Moon- - おみー Remixed by REVLIS
11VoLueTRiC=MTRimix - minter
12セセラケセラ(白 Remix) - dosugoge remixed by 白
13I.C.H.I.R.O. -K.T.G.R.M.X.- - かたぎり
14I.C.H.I.R.O.(K.E.F.I.F.A. Extended) - 9.Freeform Team
15I.C.H.I.R.O. (Kyuzo Sameura 2step rmx) - 早明浦キュウゾウ