plugout4 OST complete (vol.1-4)

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plugout4 OST complete (vol.1-4)
plugout4 OST complete (vol.1-4)
plugout4 OST complete (vol.1-4)
plugout4 OST complete (vol.1-4)
plugout4 OST complete (vol.1-4)
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Disc 1
1umbrella - IDEAL
2flow - monotoon
3SPIRAL - Gotou Seiya
4alignment you you reconstructed - copyyyy
5Refrain(extended) - stereoberry
6floatage - 6735
7petal - wi-do
8海獣の子供 - 愛新覚羅溥儀
9ever-changing - ever-changing
10white, orange...& little red. - yujurie
11re-flow - monotoon
12endress dance - monotoon
Disc 2
1Ihika - nixx
2enrai(original mix) - void
3Ire [Electrotune] - 削除
4宇宙テレビ - Kaoru feat. ゆきね
6ガチムチクラブミュージック ミニマルハウス編 - BONN
7garland - arua
8m9 - 908
9Gun to Childhead - eicateve
10polymeric congealment - siromaru
11lumpectomy - LU
12Soft Rime Behind - Xiang & Yuan
13Out of your love(electrostep mix) - Kate Lesing remixed by LU
Disc 3
1Relaypoint - xarva
2CHAMELEONIC (newcolor) - FALL
3Scourglass - mao sawatari
4Grown memories - 8 to 7
5larch - 微熱
6gene - INTRON
7trick from J.O. (MEGA STRUCTURE MIX) - 81.8MHz Remixed by Ansie Anterope
8Soft Rhyme Behind (1111REMIX) - Xiang & Yuan Remixed by Ansie Antelope
Disc 4
1Le Petit Prince (from Adansonia) - cubesato+sweez
2summerghost - paraoka
3Rainbow Night, Sky Highway - efry a.k.a.削除
5Senang Pesta! - DJ Alit from BALI a.k.a. zen
7Spangle [rework 2012] - K.V.C. as Hate
8flat cube - mnt a.k.a. monotoon with 8 to 7
9Daryl - FEV a.k.a. 微熱
10Neko - MONOLITH feat.笑兵衛(原作:つばきとよたろう)
11flat cube (DEEPFLOW MIX) - Remixed by QYBELE
12flat cube (ANOTHER MIX) - Remixed 8 to 7
13Daryl (DrumstepMix) - Remixed by UNDERNINE a.k.a. zen
14Neko (CheshireOneSevenFiveMix) - Remixed by kju8