yx vs. αirlemoneX - Symmetrick

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yx vs. αirlemoneX - Symmetrick
Disc 1
1skyblue - ALTαir
2風神の国 - yx
3adventure in the snowy world (original size) - れもんしふぉん
4Automatic Submarine - yx
5AQ - ALTαir-LoSpd
6GND (v1.0) - Xe
7Grayscale Message - yx
8strawberry cheesecake (at teatime mix) - れもんしふぉん remixed by αiry chiffon cake (ALTαir & れもんしふぉん)
9First Break - yx
10Hex & Gretel (another story) - yx remixed by Xenon-Chiffon Inverted (Xe feat. だーくれもんしふぉん)
11strawberry cheesecake (yx Remix) - れもんしふぉん
Disc 2
1Rain Carnation - yx
2american shorthair (“long” edit) - αiry chiffon cake (ALTαir & れもんしふぉん)
3Walking snow light - yx
4forMula - Xe-forMatted
5eXabYteZ (XeTTα) - αir reXistance χ (ALTαir Ver.3.0 vs. Xe-LOst)
6Riddle For You - yx
7focus - lemonade alpha ALTernαtive
8NOISIΛ (yx Remix) - Xe (αirlemoneX)
9Empty Amy (yx is still alive Remix) - yx remixed by Xe
10Riddle For You (remixed by ぅーぇ) - yx
11eXabYteZ (st4ndard Remix) - αir reXistance χ (ALTαir Ver.3.0 vs. Xe-LOst)
12Sepia -Next Story- - yx
13NOISIΛ (eXtended) - Xe (αirlemoneX)