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Identity V BOOTH Festival



Event Overview

Welcome to the Online-Only Exhibition & Marketplace Event: “Identity V BOOTH Festival”

Background art: Kuba Melo/灸場メロ

Purpose of the Event

Thank you all for your patience!
Following the success of the Azur Lane and Dolls Frontline editions, we have decided to hold the "Identity V BOOTH Festival”, the first web-based fanart exhibition & marketplace event in two years.

You’ll be able to distribute your works in this event as long as they fall under the Fanart Detailed Rules published by NetEase Games.

For the past year, people have been looking forward to going back to their busy doujin activities, but many events couldn’t take place due to the COVID-19 situation.
Many creators have been looking for places to publish and distribute their work.
In the middle of all this, BOOTH would like to create an opportunity for creators and enthusiasts from all over the world to meet and interact with each other through fan art over web-based marketplace events.

The event being held online gives people from outside Japan the chance to participate and gives works the chance to reach even more fans.

Due to the nature of this web-based marketplace, visitors can join even just before or during the event.
There is no attendance fee, and all sales provisions (except for service fees) will go to participating circles.

The more circles participate, the more fans can get to know each other’s work, making for a most successful event.

We hope as many circles as possible will decide to join the crowd!

Find the best new works and look for bargains on older titles!

Participation and distribution conditions:

The event is open to individuals and non-corporate organizations.

One circle can register up to 3 works.

All works should fall under the Fanart Detailed Rules published by NetEase Games.

Attending circles can also distribute 3D products such as plushies and figures.

Works marked as “R-18” and “Digital download” cannot be registered.
(R-18 works can not be registered because of BOOTH’s increasing number of international partnerships, while digital download can not be registered because often available for purposes other than non-commercial. Thank you for your understanding.)

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